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Muzzle forward Please!!!

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Now that's a "Bird" dog....anything that flies is in his sights....come on.....shoot!!! - - .

Wingshooting and Sporting Clays - - about the only thing that is similar is that both use a shotgun and shells! 

When done correctly, everything changes. Your foot position, your head, your mount, how you use your hands, gun length (Length of pull because I'm sure you will be wearing hunting clothing during your hunt) anchor points, method...especially if you are hunting in heavy cover or a heavily undulating field.  It all matters, and all of it is different from Clay Target shooting.

Don't get me wrong, shooting Clay Targets can definitely help your timing, but application of pure Clay Target methods to your Wingshooting won't yield as many birds as Wingshooting the proper way.

With the summer of 2020 upon us, and with all that has gone on this year, it's time, definitely time to get out and begin your practice sessions for bird season.

Book your session as soon as possible....learning how to do this, Wingshooting that is, takes time.  Give yourself time to learn something new.

When booking a lesson with us, PLEASE let us know you would like a "Wingshooting" lesson.  As I mention, there is a VAST difference in what and how this discipline is taught.

Also, PLEASE bring the same  ammunition you will use in the field to your lesson. 
Seasonal Lessons
  • Our Wingshooting Lessons run from July to Mid-March. Lessons are conducted at various venues, so call, email or text your question regarding our lessons during hunting season.

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