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Individual Lessons
  • Whether you shoot clay targets or live birds, having a simple, easy to follow shooting method greatly improves your chances for success. 
  • At OSK Sporting Clays, we provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment  to help you acquire your new shotgunning skills.


    • Who are our students?  Experienced tournament shooters, Mom's, Dad's, children, F-16 Pilots, Police Department Special Ops members, Navy Pilots, Army Rangers, United States Marines and even NFL Stars are some of our students....so.... Come one, come all…men, women, children of all ages come to see us for their shooting lessons and fun. We will provide you with  a method that will stay with you forever, and it won’t let you down,  no matter how hard the target setter has tried to fool you!
    • If you are a new or relatively inexperienced shooter, access the "Learn to Shoot Clinics" webpage.

    New shooters come in all forms, from experienced to novice. Some people prefer an individual lesson, rather than a clinic setting. If that describes you, then please join us for an hour or two of fun and learning. 

    • If you are an Experienced Shooter, we have a few words to share with you below...so scroll down now AND visit our Experienced Shooter's page...the link is to the left.

    Check out our new tool to assist you in developing PERFECT SITE PICTURES....YOU GOTTA TRY IT!  We are of course, talking about our Shooting Simulator. Click on the link to the left and find out how this exciting tool can rapidly develop the site pictures you need to break more clays.


    Scholastic Clay Target Brochure - click on link


Experienced Shooters - You Cannot Cheat The Fundamentals

  • As an Experienced Shooter, you know that you must never cheat the fundamentals if you want to improve.  That is why you need a great foundation upon which to build your game. Dimas will evaluate your current "style" and work with you to implement a "system" that is easy to understand, easy to duplicate over and over, and most importantly, easy to perform.
  • And, as an Experienced Shooter, you may not believe it, but less is more! Learning how to approach various target presentations with a clean and effective strategy, matching shooting methods to specific target presentations, while also minimizing body AND  random gun movement will greatly improve your chances of getting more “X’s” on your score card.

Thought to Ponder - there are many ways to miss a target, and there are probably 1-2 ways to hit it....so....

 In the beginners mind, there are many possibilities. In the experts mind, there are few." (Suzuki Roshi)

What is going through your mind as you shoot....many possibilities, or few?

  • The number one challenge we hear from Experienced Shooters revolves around "inconsistency. " If this is your challenge, we have specific strategies to assist you. Check our Performance Training pages for more information and visit our Experienced Shooter's page. 

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Well, the FREE LESSONS are over, but we had many individuals who took advantage of this offer to learn to shoot some very challenging targets.

We hope to see you next time - Keep an eye on this section of the website, because you don't want to miss the next series of FREE LESSONS!!

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