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Experienced Shooters
We hear over and over again, "Why am I so inconsistent? One day I shoot great, and the very next day I may be off by 10 targets! What gives?" We can appreciate your feelings of dismay and frustration, we've all been there at one time or another during our shooting experiences (Be sure to check our Performance Training pages.)

Did you know there is a "secret" to consistency - well, not really a secret, but a process. You'll learn the 3 key elements to "consistency" in this workshop.

During this clinic we
spend time in the classroom and on the range.

Should I attend?
Yes, if you are interested in competition and want to learn about registered shooting, by all means, join us. Even if you are already competing, you should attend. Let us help you get a few extra "x's" on that scorecard.

6 hours (you may bring a lunch or we can provide one for you).

What's Covered?

Building on our Learn to Shoot Clinic III, In our "Learn to Compete Sessions" we cover process development and refinement, all target types are presented and both “report” and “true pairs” are explored in depth. Choke selection is introduced. Churchill methods are introduced as well as target selection for the Churchill method. Most of this course will be on the Trail (Intermediate to Advanced rated) Course. Pressure is placed on shooters to achieve a higher level of performance in tournament type environments. The Mental Game moves into prominence for pre-load, execution and reinforcement of the shot. Basic tournament strategies are introduced.

In our Learn to Win sessions we place heavy emphasis on compound leads, “true” and “report” pairs, target evaluation and shooting techniques. Pressure situations, transition shooting, mental program and triad state evaluation, triad state analysis, Performance Analysis is offered for students who pursue higher levels of performance through Performance review and recommendation. Proper Goal setting is introduced. Training regimens are available for the committed tournament shooter.

What should I bring?
  • Shotgun with your favorite chokes
  • Ammo (250 rounds of your favorite load.)
  • Eye and Ear protection (this is a MUST)
  • Pad and pencil for notes
  • If under 18 years of Age, you MUST bring a parent or legal guardian.
  • An open mind - probably your best tool.

This clinic requires pre-payment.

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