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African Safaris

Come visit the exciting world of Dangerous Game hunting...click on the Flash Video above for a one minute trip to the Limpopo Province of South Africa!!

Dangerous Game is not for the faint of heart….so, why not join
us instead on a fabulous “African Bird Hunting Safari” in the spectacular Limpopo Province of South Africa? If you come with us next year...

You will see 7 different species of Dove, and there are Francolin and Guinea Fowl aplenty. In addition, there are Egyptian Spur Wing Geese (Gypo's) that are available for hunting as well.... Hunting is done
among the “Ghosts of the Bushveld,” the Kudu…and with Impala, Waterbuck, Hartebeest, and  magnificent Gemsbok watching your every move... well, such a special environment makes for a magnificent experience. 

the evening, you can view the African wildlife coming to drink at the watering hole near your Cabana. You will hear the Jackal’s cry and watch as the Rhino chases all others from the drinking hole, all while you are sipping your favorite cold drink and having a fabulous dinner of African Game.

FIREARMS: Semi-Automatic weapons, even shotguns, are difficult to impossible (depending on when you
decide to book your trip) to get into South Africa. However, pump guns, and over/under shotguns are no problem at all. 

AMMUNITION: Shotgun shells are provided at the going rate at the time of your hunt. Quality of
the shells is excellent and performance and recoil is similar to Nobel Sport shells.  RIFLE: Please bring your own rifle shells for your Plains or Dangerous game hunt! You don't want to get on site only to remember your shells are on your counter top 9000 miles away!!

No visit to Africa would be complete without two other agenda items…1) shopping and of course 2) a visit to one of
Africa’s huge Game Preserves. 

Shopping can be arranged in the local communities or in one
of the largest cities in the World, Johannesburg. A bustling city of just over 10 million people, Jo-burg provides some of the finest restaurants, and shopping in the world.

And if it's photo's you want then ,
then jumbo (a/k/a “ellie” or elephant) it is…but be careful, you will get so close you'll have to hold your breath as the largest land animal in the world walks within an arms length of your land cruiser! Wow!

And Bird Hunters....Our Bird Hunting friends ask "why visit Argentina when you can visit South Africa and see some of the most spectacular vistas and exotic game animals you will ever experience?"  Oh, and the cost is much less to bird hunt in Africa. 

Check here for "specials and safari pricing"...you will be very surprised at how inexpensive an African adventure can be...and you will have memories and stories that will last forever!
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