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Learn to Shoot Clinic
OK - she is a bit young to start, but at about 8-9 years old, your child will be ready  to begin.
These Clinics are conducted sparingly. Clinics are conducted at the New "Garland Mountain Sporting Clays" course in Waleska - - you won't believe the mountain top views!!

Dimas is a Certified "Double Goals" Coach - this Certificate is awarded to, among others,  SCTP Coaches who pass a course of study and a rigorous background check.

The “Learn to Shoot” Clinics are a perfect introduction to the clay target sports. Our “Learn to Shoot” clinics focus on shotgun safety and the basic shooting techniques for the three general categories of target presentations being: a) crossers; 2) quartering; and 3) chandelles.

And... we now offer THREE different Clinics!!
   - Level I
   - Level II
   - Level III....see below for an explanation of each!!

  • The course may consist of classroom time and of course,  range time.  There is also ample time to address questions.
Should I attend?  
  • Yes, if you are an inexperienced shooter or perhaps have never shot a round of sporting clays and would like to learn how to begin on the right foot, you should attend. 
  • Even if you are an experienced shooter but want to improve your basic technique or want to learn how to identify certain target presentations, you too should attend.
  • CAUTION - We build on each Clinic - so if you miss Level I, you are missing a critical session.

Duration: 90 -120 minutes - depending on the number of attendees.

What should I bring?

  • Shotgun with open chokes (cylinder, skeet or IC please) 
  • Don't have a Shotgun? Let us know you what type of shotgun you would like to rent (12-20-28-.410) 
  • Ammo - 50 to 100 rounds of "low recoil" ammo if you are a new shooter...experienced shooters should bring their favorite loads
  • Eye and Ear protection (this is a MUST) 
  • Pad and pencil for notes 
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you MUST bring a parent or legal guardian
Topics Covered During Clinic: 

Level I Clinic - The Foundation

Fundamentals of target "type", target evaluation, matching a technique to a target type, importance of the evaluation criteria, introduction of a shooting process, site picture development, introduction of report pairs and true pair, introduction to the Mental Game.

Level II Clinic
We begin with target type 3, the Chondelle. Focus will be on the various Chondelle presentations, closing angle targets, and begin to develop the “report” and “true pair” shooting methods. Site picture evaluation, target evaluation and technique matching are developed. Targets are slightly more complex in presentation and length.

The Mental game becomes integral to the shooting process and a basic development of the Mental Game is explored. The 7 step shooting process is emphasized. All shooting will take place on the Ridge Course (Beginner to Intermediate level rated).

Level III Clinic
Level III Clinics introduce specialty targets such as the battue, rabbit, midi and mini presentations, proper selection of Break Point for both “report” and “true pairs”, deeper understanding of “true pairs” and methods used to take various presentations. Target evaluation is heavily emphasized and pressure is also introduced, as well as basic methods to handle and use pressure. More emphasis is placed on the Mental Game with focus on quieting the conscious mind while shooting subconsciously.

And there's More!!! 

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