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Meet The Instructor
Let's meet your instructor. Dimas Nunez, a native of Colorado who now lives in the North Atlanta Metro area.
Dimas is a Life Member of Safari Club International and is also a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Rife Association.  Dimas is also a Member of the NSCA, the 2014 First Time Veteran National Champion, Winner of 15 out of 18 Competitions in 2014,  The Gold Medalist in 2014 at the Georgia Games and the 2010 Silver Medalists at the Georgia State Championships. Dimas also became certified as  Double Goals Coach through the Positive Coaching Alliance.

But the most important achievement to you is this: Dimas is one of only 3 Level III (highest level offered) Performance Coaches with the Mental Management Systems - a System designed by World and Olympic Champion Lanny Bassham. 

Some additional accomplishments to date:

2006 Certified by the NSCA
- Gold - Georgia State Champion (class)
         - Gold - South East Regional (class)
       - Silver - NWTF (class)
         - Bronze - Tennessee State Championships (class)
       - Bronze - Zone 4 South East Championships (class)
         - 4th - Mile High Classic
- Professional Associate, Paragon School of Sporting
       - NSCA  Selection - Georgia All State Team 2008
- 2008 Colorado State Champion (class)
- 4th HOA in tournament
- Affiliated Coach, Mental Management Systems
- Gold - Colorado State Champion (Class)
- 4th place, Georgia State Championships (class)
- 4th place U.S. Championships (class)
- Certified "Double Goals" Coach
- 2014 - Attained Master Class, Gold at Georgia State Games and Gold, Veteran at National Championships.

Sporting Clays:  Dimas is certified to teach sporting clays by both the National Sporting Clays Association and the prestigious Paragon School of Sporting. 

Dimas is a dyed in the wool Sporting Clay's competitor, shooting currently in Master class.  A past Georgia State Champion (2007) and Colorado State Champion (2008) in his class, and Dimas followed this accomplishment with another Colorado State Championship in 2009 ("Back -2- Back") in his class.  Dimas was also honored by being named to the "All Georgia" team for 2008 by the NSCA in San Antonio, Texas.  In 2010, his last year of heavy competition before returning to the corporate world, Dimas placed 4th in both the Georgia State Championships and the United States Championships (class).  Upon returning to competition, Dimas won the Georgia Games, and Champion, Veteran's First Time Shooter at the National Championships in 2014.

Dimas is also a Buffalo....that is, he received his B.S. ('79) and Juris Doctorate ('83) from the University of Colorado.  As a  lawyer specializing in taxation for the last 30+ years, Dimas was also Vice President for one of the 15 largest companies in the world, directing an elite unit of planners who focused on advanced tax planning.  He has returned to that world on a full time basis, but still finds time for his passion, coaching. 

Mental Management Training by Lanny Bassham
Dimas believes that it is not enough to train the body, but one must also train the mind so that it too can be "pointed with the gun (quote from Lanny Bassham)." If not, the result is an inconsistent shooter. Thus, your lessons will also incorporate the mental aspects of shooting to provide a consistent and reliable method that won't let you down, even if the target setter has done everything he can to fool you. 

Dimas holds another distinction that separates him from other instructors/coaches...he is the only sporting clays instructor/coach Certified as a Level III Coach with the Mental Management Systems created by Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion, Lanny Bassham.  There are only 2 other individuals in the entire country that have achieved this same Coaching level. As an Certified Level III coach, Dimas incorporates the fantastic Mental Management System to your shooting endeavors.  To learn much more about this aspect of our coaching methods, go to our Performance Training page by clicking on the link or the button to the left.

What can you learn from Dimas?     
1) Learn a shooting Methodology, not just techniques.
2) If there is a "non-hit," do you know why? You Sure?
3) How is your ability to identify targets and apply the  
appropriate shooting method?
4) When you get past the leaning stage, he can take you
to the next steps, "Training to compete."
5) Ready to win...if so, you are past the "Training to  
Compete" stage and are now in the "Training to Win"
stage.  Dimas can take you there and has specific
training methods, both technical as well as a mental  
approach to help make you a winner. In other words, Dimas is a "Transformational Coach," not just an informational instructor.
5) What is in your mind just before you call "PULL?" If it's
not the appropriate thought, I wonder if you'll hit or non-hit
the target?
6) Can your clay target instructor work with you on the 
skeet field and trap fields...Dimas can.  Both fields teach valuable lessons.

Come Join us for a lesson today...you'll be glad you did.
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