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Guess What?  It's almost hunting season!  That's right, it's summer, 2020 and Bird season is just around the corner and it's time for you to get out there and polish your Wingshooting techniques.

Wait....you mean I don't use the same techniques I use to shoot Clay Targets to shoot Birds too?  No, you sure don't.  Check out our Wingshooting page...find out more about about Wingshooting and schedule your lessons now!

Over 150 Target Presentations for you are now available!!

We offer lessons at 3 locations....Garland Mountain (68 target presentations)....Etowah Valley 68 target presentations....and River Bend...32 target presentations for a total of 168 different presentations!!!

Call 678-283-8200 to schedule a lesson at one of these venues now....simply tell us the "type" of presentation(s) you wish to practice and we'll make it happen!!

The Mental Game
Congratulations!! You have selected  a Level III Certified Coach with the Mental Management Systems!!! That's right, Dimas  has moved from a Level II to a Level III coach...and  there are only 7 Certified Level III Coaches in the Country - and now, if you chose to take sporting clays lessons with us, you can experience a learning experience that incorporates not only the technical aspects of shooting, but the mental game as well.

COMING MAY 2020!!!!

This is SUPER EXCITING!!  Master instructors from Mental Management will be conducting the "Mental Mastery" webinar series in May 2020. It's an incredible way to Train from the comfort of home!!  Don't miss this series if you want to improve your clays game. Click below FOR MORE INFO!!

Catch us on "Aaron's Outdoors" as Dimas Instructs the Brannen Family! You can catch the shows on the Pursuit Channel.

If you are in the Atlanta Metro, Alpharetta, Dawsonville or North Georgia area, then OSK Sporting Clays is ready to assist you or large groups with an afternoon of fun. The Clay Shooting Sports take many forms, from Skeet and Trap, to the fastest growing game in America, Sporting Clays.  If you shoot for recreation, or if you are a seasoned Sporting Clays Competitor or avid Wingshooter, you have come to the right place. We'll teach you an organized and systematic shooting method designed to help you bag more birds, or accumulate  longer strings of “X’s” on your scorecard. We focus on precision muzzle control and swing to add performance and consistency to your game. And we don't stop there. 

The Mental Game - Level III Coach - "We are Transformational Coaches, not simply "Informational" Coaches" - Lanny Bassham


When should you incorporate the mental aspects of shooting into your Sporting Clays game?  Who should advise you regarding this critical aspect of your discipline? Answers: 1) sooner rather than later and 2) someone who can impart the knowledge you will need as well as someone who is able to apply those techniques with your shooting style.  Well, you are in luck...Dimas is the only Mental Management Systems Level III Coach in the State of Georgia.  The Mental Management System was created by Olympic and World Champion Lanny Bassham...in other words, this system is created by competitors for competitors.   To learn more about our teaching methods, follow this link to the Performance Training Section or click the button on the side bar.

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